subliwear créateur et fabricant de vêtement de sport


Our team of 4 model makers is specialized in monitoring and creating new trends in order to help you in the creation of your requests while advising you in the optimization of your production cost.


The creation of Moodbard and the realization of your design projects are part of your key to success, which is why we work with graphic designers who have their own style as well as their fashion vision, in order to offer you a wide range of creations. .
Do you want to create or reproduce your designs? Our team is here!


By respecting the finishes and specifications, our production team takes care of monitoring your project until its delivery, while taking care to verify, step by step, the key moments through well-measured quality monitoring.

Printing Service

Why sublimation?

subliwear créateur et fabricant de vêtement de sport

The fabric or textile visuals greatly facilitate the transport and installation of your exhibition material. They don’t wrinkle or stain. They can even be dry cleaned or machine washed. By using this simple printing process, the fibers of the fabric are directly dyed, that is, the color always retains its shine. Your graphic design is first printed on a water-based ink transfer paper, then the ink is transferred directly to the fabric via the sublimation technique.



With decades of experience, SUBLIWEAR is above all a passion for printing from father to son, which began in France more than 25 years ago. In search of the latest technologies, we have equipped ourselves with a sublimation machine by replacing our fleet with an MS JP4, which allows us a printing capacity of up to 4300m per day.



Whether in fashion or in Sportwear, fluorescent colors are always present in the spirit of textiles, it is therefore essential that SUBLIWEAR be equipped accordingly to offer you this new method.

UV print


UV printing allows us to bring your everyday accessories such as bags, wallets or any other leather goods product to life. Our UV printers also allow you to produce new concepts as you wish.



A sign of exterior quality that embellishes your product with a touch of simplicity recognized for years. We develop our programs in-house which we test on our single-head machines before starting production on machines suitable for industrial production.

Unique Creation

subliwear créateur et fabricant de vêtement de sport

Specialized in ultra small quantities, we offer our customers to follow a trend book, which is prepared upstream in our design offices, in order to save them time, especially during marketing periods.
Every month, we publish Cup and Design catalogs that you can consult by contacting us.

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